Working in Home Care and want a change?

Sep 10, 2019

I have worked in Care Recruitment for over 10 years and during this time I have found that Carers that work in Homecare and have transferred to working in Nursing Homes have never regretted the swap.

Many Carers struggle working in Home Care with the travelling and the limited amount of time they can spend with each Client. The Carer can be out of the house for over 14 hours and yet only receive payment for the hours they are with each Client. This makes it a long day and can be costly with the wear and tear on a car.

For Carers that have worked in Home Care, Full Circle Care offers practical training including correct use of Hoists and Basic Life Support along with the full Mandatory Training modules. We have a dedicated training room that comfortably accommodates up to 15 people, where we offer fresh fruit, warm and soft drinks.

Full Circle Care’s Senior Consultant is the trainer and she will encourage open classroom discussions covering different scenarios that the Carers may come across. The day is informal and offers the practical skills and knowledge required to work safely in a Nursing Home.

The training also provides a chance to meet other Carers that work for Full Circle Care and have previous experience in the Nursing Homes. On many occasions there can be more than one Full Circle Carer in a Nursing Home, so the Carers get to know each other and become part of a friendly team.

The skills and knowledge that the Carer has gained from working in Home Care are transferrable so that when they work in the Nursing Homes it has been a seamless transition.

Once the Carers have completed the training then they are equipped to work in the Nursing Homes. Here, the Carers will stay in one home for the day and not move around from one place to another. The Carers have preferred to stay in one place as they have found that they have more time to attend to the personal needs of the residents and time to gain further Care skills.

We have known Carers to advance their Career and achieve Deputy Managers and Manager roles. Some Carers have chosen to study for their Nursing Diploma and then worked as a Nurse for Full Circle Care.

Financially, the Carer may also be better off as they are being paid for a full shift. Full Circle Care pay hourly and on top of this they will receive holiday pay and a pension. The hours available for Carers can be as little as one shift per week to working full time. The rota is organised a week in advance so Carers can organise their personal life/work balance.

We appreciate it can be unsettling moving from one type of work role (Home Care) to another (Nursing Homes) but Full Circle Care have experienced Consultants that will support you. Their Clients have been established with Full Circle Care for many years and they will also offer guidance and support to Full Circle Care staff.

Over time the Carers will work with the same group of Nursing Homes so that it doesn’t feel like they are starting a new job each day.

If you would like to chat about joining Full Circle Care, then please call and speak to our friendly team who will be more than happy to discuss your situation.


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