Will the end of furlough help the staff shortage dilemma?

Sep 6, 2021

In less than 2 months we will see the end of the Furlough system, which has not only been a saviour to the survival of businesses but also for people’s livelihoods.

For businesses the end of furlough may assist in reducing their staff shortage as those people that have been on furlough and self-employed will be able to be flexible in choosing where they now want to work. People, who have been receiving furlough will no longer have to sit on the side-line and ride out this storm. They can return to their jobs if their jobs are still available?

Could it be that furloughed staff especially chefs will be ready to pick up their knives and return to the industry they are skilled and love to work in? The buzz of the kitchen and completing a service cannot be found in another industry and  is this what chefs have missed who have been out of the trade for the last 18 months.

Will the end of furlough also see people change their career path? How many people have you spoken to recently that have taken a step back and decided they no longer want the high-pressure career job but prefer to do a job that makes them happy or just want a career change. I think we will see an increase in people wanting to work in the care and hospitality industry that may have previously worked in retail.

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, said in an interview on the social networking site LinkedIn on Monday morning he was confident that strong hiring intentions meant the “vast majority” of those still furloughed would find work.

During the time of furlough, industries has seen the hourly rate increase in most industry sectors. This is a positive move as for far too long have we seen the Hospitality and Care jobs underpaid. At last, their skills, commitment, passion and patience are being rewarded with higher salaries.

Last week, official figures showed that the number of workers being paid through furlough had dropped to 1.9 million in June, ahead of cuts in the subsidy paid by the government.

Full Circle Care and Full Circle Catering are here to support all Chefs, Nurses and Carers who wish to return to the industry. We have enough work available to offer full time hours within a variety of work establishments. This will look great on a CV, demonstrating adaptability  and enhancing work skills which may have become stagnant. Full Circle are offering excellent hourly rates and you can have an income when you are on holiday.

To look forward for businesses we cross our fingers that staff shortages will be a thing of the past, with higher hourly rates and  variety of jobs for people to choose from and more people rethinking their career options.


If you would like to discuss the opportunities available with Full Circle, please call 01623 404224 or email: nadja@fullcirclecareagency.co.uk


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