Using Agency staff can be a better option for you….

Aug 21, 2020

Times are still very uncertain; many businesses are operating daily but so unsure what is going to happen over the next few weeks or months. 

Many businesses have had tough decisions to make so far and many have had to make redundancies or cut hours since reopening after lockdown.

Now the furlough scheme has changed where businesses must assist with the cost, this has put even more pressure on the business and the running costs and therefore more changes may still be to come for many.

At Full Circle we often are told that many people don’t consider using agency staff to help their business as they think it is purely an expensive cost to the operation, however that is simply not the case, it can be a better financial option.

The perks of using an agency staff member can be plentiful which include:

  • Using on the days you require and not all the time; it’s an as and when required basis at a minimum of one 6-hour shift. If you don’t need them then you don’t pay for them.
  • No expensive advertising costs to try and find someone. Often you can spend the money on advertising, but you don’t get the right person for you.
  • No trawling through CV’s and interviews trying to find the right candidate, this does take a lot of time out of your day advertising, arranging interviews and spending the time with potential candidates.
  • Paying an hourly rate for the hours you have the person working, you are not tided into any set weekly or monthly costs of having this person, just simply the minimum of 6 hours per day
  • No holidays to cover; holidays cost you as a business and can create a lot of juggling about with rotas to make this happen
  • No National Insurance or pension contributions to pay for, we take care of this as part of our hourly charge rate
  • No worries regarding redundancies or cutting hours during uncertain times like now with COVID, none of us know if we are going to be faced with another lockdown and we may need to change things quickly from one day to the next

So, when you do think an agency is expensive with the hourly rates think about what it covers:

  • The hourly rate paid to the staff member
  • Employer National Insurance Contribution at 13.8%
  • Employer Pension Contribution at 3%
  • Employer Holiday Pay at 12.07%
  • Agency cost

 So all of this does add up and that is why agencies do charge a higher rate to cover all of the above but this can be a better option to help you as you might only need cover to help at busy times or whilst your permanent team members are on holiday or you have seasonal peak times.  Think about it as a smarter and better financial option for you and your business.

At Full Circle Employment Agency, we always try and resend the same people to you as it makes it easier all round if they are familiar with the premises and the operation.  Many of our team members become part of your team members and will keep coming back to you as you require them throughout the year.

So next time you think about agency staff don’t think it’s an expensive option, think it could be the sensible option.


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