Tips To Get Your Career in Healthcare Underway

Aug 16, 2022

The skills and knowledge that  Carers have can quickly lead you to gain a managerial post in Healthcare, the career path is so exciting and varied in the roles that are now on offer.

When carers start working in various Healthcare settings, you will receive immediate training with your employer and gain several certificates which you will  update yearly. The skill level of a Carer is far more than what people realise and you have the potential to grow your career so why not start now!

How becoming a Carer can kick start your Career

Whether you have just finished your college/university year for the summer, Care is a career that many people go into to make ends meet while they study. However, it can be the start of a great career.

Not everyone thinks about the career progression pathway when they enrol to become a professional care worker, but it is worth considering.

Full Circle Care is a great company to join because it’s busy, growing, and resilient to the ups and downs of the recent economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Full Circle survived the pandemic years and is growing from strength to strength.

As Full Circle Care grows, we expand our client base so that we are able to provide more varied work for Carers and Nurses, with a plethora of clients.

Can I Get Qualifications with Full Circle Care?

Yes…we will be able to set you up with a mentor to undertake remote qualifications in lots of courses under NCFE from End of Life Care to Medication Management and its free of charge!!

At Full Circle Care we also provide accredited Mandatory Classroom training which allows you to meet other members of the team and cover the legislation required to ensure you are fully compliant. 

Tips to Help you In Your Career

Here are some tips to get you thinking about your career, something to do over the Summer Vacation:

  • Think about what you enjoy in Care and what type of Care you would like to pursue;
  • Talk to your colleagues and find out what their job entails. Can you see yourself in that role?
  • Speak to your team and express your interest in learning more;
  • Keep your options open and explore any promotions that become available in the company;
  • Be open to taking on new challenges and learning on the job!
  • Take every opportunity offered to upskill and build on your experience – offering to cover for holiday/sickness would be one way to do that
  • Be the change you want to see in home care and actively pursue the opportunity of career progression.

Being open to new possibilities in your current role will put you in the right space for being considered for promotion.

Visualising yourself in a more senior role or a role that fits in with your skills and interest is a good place to start; see yourself enjoying different responsibilities and rewards that come with it.

By adopting an open and positive mindset you are already halfway there. Good luck!

Here at Full Circle Care the consultants are dedicated and experienced to provide friendly advice please do not hesitate to call Sue or Nadja on 01623 404224