The Challenges of Recruiting Kitchen Staff & Ways To Overcome Them

Jul 14, 2022

Staff shortages have crippled many industries in recent times, hospitality being one of the worst affected by the crisis. Brexit, Covid-19, and now inflation is exacerbating an already critical situation.

As the demand in restaurants and food businesses increases, the need for skilled ad experienced kitchen staff is only expected to rise.

The hospitality sector is in serious need of a change in perception with regard to the various career options available and their scope.

Although the long hours and shifts can be daunting, the flexibility, pay, and nature of these roles often make up for the downsides. Restaurants and catering businesses can offer diverse and desirable training opportunities and skill sets which can guarantee a secure, lifelong career path for many individuals.

Creating the Right Workplace Environment

One of the best ways to attract young talent and compel them to stay in the industry for a long time is to create a rewarding work environment.

Hospitality businesses must work on providing consistent hours and shifts in a manner that allows workers to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

They must also allow workers to earn extra money through overtime and ensure they are paid in line with the current wages, if not more.

A friendly, supportive, and rewarding work culture is key to attracting skilled and talented workers to the kitchen and making them stay for the long haul.

Recruiting Diversely

There are many advantages of hiring kitchen staff from diverse backgrounds.

Apart from helping the industry cope with the labour shortage, recruiting kitchen staff from diverse backgrounds helps bring new energy and a host of new skills to the kitchen.

Whether it is people looking for a career change, people from different educational backgrounds trying to get their foot in the door in hospitality, or people from different societal backgrounds, hiring kitchen staff from different backgrounds can help businesses address the recruitment crisis.

Hiring Reliable Relief Kitchen Staff

Relief kitchen staff have been the lifelines during turbulent times and continue to support the industry while it tries to get on its feet.

Due to their easily adaptable nature, versatile skills, and the ability to blend in and perform optimally in different kitchen environments, make them ideal for filling out urgent positions in hospitality.

However, the relief kitchen staff must be hired from a reliable employment agency that has a large database of kitchen workers who are well-suited for a range of jobs within the kitchen. 

How Can Full Circle Employment Help

Full Circle is a leading catering recruitment agency that helps hospitality businesses hire the best relief staff for their kitchens and establishments.

Our relief team is qualified to suit the position desired, and we can provide you with copies of their profiles, food hygiene, food allergens and DBS certificates (if required).

If you are struggling to find experienced and skilled kitchen staff for your restaurant or catering business, Full Circle Employment is the best door to knock on to find your desired candidates. Get in touch with us on 01623 404311 today.