Talent Shortages Will Keep Job Seekers  in the Driving Seat

Feb 8, 2022

says Alex Fourlis, MD of Broadbean UK.

At the beginning of a new year, we start to put our business plans and strategies into place to commence for the next financial year.

Each year sees its different challenges with changes in the market industry, legislation and now inflation at its highest level since September 2011. The effect on salaries will be that wages will see their biggest hike and staff are certainly in the driving seat, more so than ever before.

‘ In 2022, employers will need to work very hard to improve pay, working conditions and to offer more incentives for jobseekers to join them’ says Alex Fourlis.

With the job market short of skilled labour in several sectors including Healthcare and Hospitality, companies are having to offer higher wages and further incentives  to attract candidates.  This year, we will experience prices soar on food items, fuel, gas and electric so people will demand higher wages  in order  to sustain their current lifestyle. I just hope we don’t end up like Iceland where a bag of crisps can cost £7.00!!

The rate of inflation is forecast to peak at 6% in spring this year. The Resolution Foundation said earlier this month that households are facing a “cost-of-living catastrophe” when, alongside raising of the energy price cap, NICs rise.

The think tank said the cap on energy bills is expected to rise by around £500 a year while the cost of energy firm failures could add another £100 to consumer bills, and that extra costs will disproportionately affect low-income households.

The organisation also predicted that the freeze to income-tax thresholds, announced last year, and the increase of 1.25 percentage points on personal NICs would lead to people losing an average of £600 a year.

According to Dave Pye, Director of Jump Advisory, one of the biggest challenges of 2022 will be retention: ‘Holding onto your people, developing them and watching them mature alongside the industry, will be a real challenge for everyone,’ he warns.

Full Circle Care and Catering are in a strong position as a business, we have survived the covid years and proved ourselves as a strong recruitment specialist in the East Midlands. Relief Healthcare/Nurses and Chefs feel confident working for an established, supportive  and professional  company. Our employees: Relief Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Chefs and Catering Assistants will see the largest %  pay increase that has ever been budgeted for from April 2022. Nadja Guy, Director of Full Circle says, ‘It is imperative we look after all our relief staff and offer them wages that will be greater than the % increase in inflation.’

This year will be a promising year for Full Circle as we have exciting plans in place to grow the business further whilst always investing into our employees and relief staff.

Full Circle has been operating since 2002, so this year, we will be in our 20th year of business. This is a fantastic accomplishment for Full Circle and I would like to thank the TEAM as we would never have dreamed we would still be a blossoming business 20 years later!!

If you are seeking work in Healthcare or Catering, then please contact the team at Full Circle Care/Catering:

Please email nadja@fullcirclecareagency.co.uk

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