Prominent Staff Shortage in UK Employment Market

Nov 19, 2021

I have worked in recruitment since 1995 and the staff shortages in most industries have never been so prominent as it is today. Even though Full Circle Care and Catering has been consistently recruiting over the years, I’ve hardly known a time when we have been so short-staffed.  The fundamental issues involved with recruiting are low wages and staff is expected to work long hours, especially in the Healthcare and Hospitality sectors. Government cutbacks have also put pressure on the healthcare service which in turn has affected staff morale and stress levels and this hasn’t encouraged applications to the industry.


The National Care Forum (NCF) surveyed 340 managers who run care services in England that employ more than 20,000 staff and support around 15,000 people.

‘Two-thirds of respondents said staff vacancies meant that they had to cap or stop some services, such as accepting admissions as well as offering respite care.’

‘Overall, the care providers rejected at least 4,981 new requests for their services since 1st September 2021, forcing local authorities to take over services from the struggling sector, which nearly 1 in 5 roles are currently filled.’

Care Managers cite staff seeking easier and less stressful jobs as a reason for shortages, as well as better pay elsewhere, feeling burnt out and rejecting the mandatory covid vaccine requirement.


So here we are today with Healthcare Staff having to jump through hoops to keep compliant with all the new legislation and mandatory requirements and still the profession is paid a minimum wage and the hours of work can be 60 + per week.

The same can be seen in the Hospitality Industry, staff work incredibly hard, dealing with the increasing demands of the customers, long hours, barely time for a break and again are paid the minimum wage.

We then see gaps in people applying for these roles and wonder why? When will the economy wake up to the fact that they do deserve a pay rise, less working hours, and financial support to keep up to date with the training requirements?

Vic Raynor, head of the NCF said ‘the Government must pay bonuses to staff, fund a pay increase, make it easier for migrant workers to fill vacancies.

I have seen chefs’ permanent salaries increase considerably but the front of house staff still receives minimum wage. Healthcare professionals, over 25 years of age will receive £9.50 from April 2022 and Nurses will receive a rise accordingly but is this enough?

In addition, the yearly training both Nurses and Healthcare Assistants must complete is not Government funded, unless they work in the NHS… is it right that they should fund their own training to stay in the industry? The legislation stipulates that they must keep updated with their training and are expected to self-fund this.

Another moan of mine is why do Nurses have to pay for their own PIN Number? We need to attract people into the industry, and we should be giving them support, encouragement and free training regardless of where they work in healthcare.

In my business at Full Circle Care we do hold mandatory training days, and this isn’t charged to the staff as a gesture of goodwill.

We look after the staff, pay them the hours they work, and this includes any overtime. We listen to their needs, and ensure they are not overworked and always supported.

We will be analysing pay rises for the next financial year for all our Chefs, Catering Assistants, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. We are all individually responsible for change and as an independent company we can take action. The Healthcare and Hospitality Industry are wonderful places to work in, you become part of a family. Satisfied customers and smiles from residents are what make it all worthwhile.

If you are interested in joining Full Circle Care or Catering then the door is always open, and we will be more than happy to chat with applicants that have previous experience and a passion for the industry.

Please call Rachel, Craig, Nadja or Susan on 01623 404224