New Year, a fresh start, the time for New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 14, 2021

It all seems a bit harder this year starting 2021 in lockdown #3

In January many say they are going to diet and lose a few pounds, take up a new hobby, or start exercising and get fit; all of which are great reasons to bring positivity to a new year.  So, as we start 2021 in lockdown how about you make it your new year’s resolution to focus on giving yourself a better immune system.

The stronger our immune system is, the better the fight we have at dealing with Coronavirus and other illnesses and during the winter months there are plenty out there. 

To strengthen our immune system there are many things we can do to boost it and if we combine the different ways then we are sure to be stronger.   Immune health can be turned around in a matter of weeks not months.

The foods we eat in our daily diet play a massive part in aiding us to have a strong or weak immune system. 

We need a variety of foods every day and the more Fruit, Vegetables, Fibre and Protein we can add the better.  The more varied our diets are the better our gut bacteria are, which enables us to fight the bad bacteria’s that make us ill.  We can take supplements to enhance our immune system, but they should not be used as a replacement for the foods we should add naturally into our everyday. 

We get nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from a selection of foods and there are certain ones that can help boost our immune system such as Vitamin C, we can get this through Orange Juice, but did you know Red Peppers are twice as rich in Vitamin C.  Zinc is what helps make new immune cells and we absorb this by eating Meat, Cheese and Nuts and Seeds such as Pumpkin or Flax. 

Our B vitamins are also important and can be found in peas, fortified cereals, and yoghurts, this is what provides energy to our immune cells. 

The best way to get our B12 Vitamin is through Seafood. Vitamin D makes our immune cells stronger at killing bacteria and virus.  When we are exposed to sunlight our skin produces Vitamin D, so it is important to be in the sun when you can be.  However, this can be extremely hard at this time of year.

Exercise, it is so important to keep moving! Research shows that the more daily moderate exercise we have helps boost our immune system, so get stretching, walking, running, and biking and you will feel the difference.  This is also a massive contributor to help with our mental health.

Sleep is so important in many ways, aim to get at least more than 7 hours per day, 8 if you can.  This is not always possible due to working long shifts or changes between working days and nights which can make your sleep patterns difficult.  Even if you cannot sleep, still lying in bed with your eyes closed and your body relaxed will help.

Boost your own immune system where you can.  It will improve your chances of fighting illnesses.  It is all about having your cells powered up so when your body comes under attack from virus and infections it can fight the best it can.  We are all different and some have naturally stronger immune systems than others, but we can help ourselves and maximise it to the best we can.

We need everyone right now to fight and keep as healthy as we can.  We need our fantastic team to stay strong so our Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Chefs and Kitchen Assistants keep well so they can keep supporting our lovely clients.  Take a moment and reflect do you do what you can to look after your own immune system? The more we do for ourselves the better we will be in fighting this pandemic.  The stronger we feel, the better we feel and the better our mental health is.

Full Circle Care and Catering are here to support you where we can, whether it be to provide cover whilst you have team members off sick or if you are looking for work then give us a call or maybe we can just offer you some advice.  It all goes Full Circle helping each other.  We are particularly interested in speaking to any Nurses looking for work now, either on a full or part-time basis so please do get in touch. 

Healthy wishes to you for 2021!


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