Hospitality reopens and Chefs are in demand

May 18, 2021

I really do not want to mention the “P” word and I definitely do not want to mention the “C” word.

That said there is no way the coronavirus pandemic can be ignored, it has caused the deaths of millions and financial hardship to millions more across the globe. It was the year when positive was the most negative word millions of people across the UK would hear. 

Now though, thanks to the vaccine rollout and an extended lockdown, the UK is finally seeing the beginning of the end of COVID-19.

The industries that have been the hardest hit are finally reopening.

Hospitality is just one of these industries and since the pubs, restaurants and all catering outlets have been allowed to open outside and inside from the 17th May the demand for chefs, kitchen porters, catering assistants, bar and waiting staff has skyrocketed.

Agency chefs, in particular, are in very high demand so if you are a chef and have been doing other things such as delivering parcels or perhaps standing outside vaccination centres directing people to receive their jabs, now is the time to return to the pans with confidence. We, caterers, know there is nothing like the buzz of a busy kitchen.

At Full Circle Catering we have a very high demand for chefs so if you are a chef and are yearning to get back on the pans call Full Circle Catering on 01623 404311 for more information on how to become an agency chef, email your CV to Or simply download the Application Form from our website

There are lots of advantages to being an agency chef. You are paid weekly for the hours worked plus you acquire holiday pay in your “pot” which can be taken whenever you want it. 

We have a broad base of clients including hotels, restaurants, garden centres, golf clubs, sporting venues, industrial catering, care homes, universities, schools, pubs, day centres, cafes, banqueting and more. 

The hospitality industry is very adaptable and inventive in times of adversity, a fact borne out by some of the ingenious ways that meals have been allocated to a public deprived of their favourite pastimes of wining and dining. 

The general public have been magnificent in helping the UK to return to some sort of normal life. Let all of us in hospitality, no matter what our own particular roles are, give everyone a very warm welcome back by showing them exactly what they have been missing. By doing this our local pubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes plus any other food outlets will be able to stumble back on to their feet, dust themselves off and start all over again. 



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