Hospitality is Back!

Jul 22, 2020

After a long and agonising few months for everyone hospitality is finally starting to be allowed to operate again

It’s great to see lots of people starting to go out and about and socialise again however its still a long road to recovery. 

Many businesses have had to and are still in the process of putting new measures in place which will likely stay as the new normal.  There are so many considerations within Hospitality businesses that they have need to look at before reopening not only to protect the customer but to protect their own staff.

Each business is unique and has different capabilities to ensure social distancing, some will find it harder than others not only to put in place for the customer but also for staff whilst they are working.  In a bustling busy environment where people move about a lot it’s not the easiest thing to enforce in the workplace

What is everyone out there doing?

Daily life has changed for us all but now when we visit hospitality businesses whether it be a café, pub, restaurant or tourist attraction we are guided into the premises through one access only. 

Most places that can take bookings are insisting on customers booking in advance even if it’s to pop to the local pub for a few drinks.  By doing this enables the ability of track and trace as the business knows exactly who they have had visit and a way to contact them after if it’s needed if anyone has symptoms of COVID. 

It also helps with staggering the arrival and departure of guests, especially at peak times.  Temperature checks are being done as soon as you arrive at many establishments which is a very quick and easy way to encourage safety amongst guests and everyone pretty much has a sanitizing station as soon as you walk in. 

Orders for food and drink are taken at the table by staff wearing PPE from face masks to full-face shields and requesting payment be made by contactless card machine if possible.  Self- serve stations have been taken away.  Many businesses have also introduced Apps so you can place an order from your phone.  Some establishments offer disposable menus, one per table or many have moved to have menu’s on chalkboards or for them to be looked at on their website. 

The days of cutlery and condiments on the tables are gone and these are only brought to you if required, some have switched to using sachets of sauce and seasoning so they are disposable.  The cleaning of all areas is more evident with chairs and tables being fully sanitised after the guests leave and more thorough regular cleaning of communal areas is happening.  

Some businesses are operating a one in one out a policy on the use of public areas such as toilets.  Air conditioning has been switched off in many businesses so as not to spread any viruses.  When you finally leave you get guided out of an exit-only door with sanitiser to use as an extra precaution. 

That’s just some of the measures we’ve seen put into place and that’s just what we see as a customer, behind the scenes there will be a lot more changes to keep the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers at the forefront of every business. 

So now hospitality is back don’t forget we are still here to help staff your kitchen if needed, our chefs and kitchen assistants are having regular COVID checks.  Do not hesitate to call if you have any enquiries


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