Full Circle in 2019….

Dec 12, 2019

2019 has been all about reducing our carbon footprint at Full Circle and going down the eco-friendly route trying to do our bit for the environment.

During the past year we have made several changes within our daily operations as part of our conscientious effort to help the environment

So how have we been doing this?

Back in May we had a new in-house IT system put in place so we could get rid of all paper files and make everything electronic going forward.  

To aid this we then launched a new website facilitating the option to complete application forms online. 

We also changed our in-house payroll system so all staff are now emailed payslips and we are trying to get as many of our clients to receive their invoices via email, so if you haven’t yet and would like to start receiving your invoices via email then please let us know – email accounts@fullcirclecatering.co.uk to set this up. 

At present we are also working with a company to develop electronic timesheets so we can get rid of the paper one’s we currently use, hopefully, we will have some news on this for you soon.

Another measure we decided to put into practice this year was to email our annual newsletter rather than send via post to cut down on our carbon footprint.  By not posting not only are we saving on paper and envelopes, but we are also helping by cutting down the diesel emissions by not delivering in a postal van.  Our aim for next year is to keeping looking at what we are doing and implementing anything we can to make sure we are a more eco-efficient office.

Supporting local charities……….

Each year at Full Circle we like to donate to a local charity rather than send out Christmas cards to clients and staff. 

The letters of appreciation we get from the charities are so lovely and they tell us how the donation assists them, hopefully, you will agree this is a much better way to spend the money rather than receive a card in the post. 

This year our donation will be to the Kings Mill Hospital Toy Appeal; they provide toys for children that are in hospital at Christmas, we are hoping this will bring some big smiles to some sad faces.  A feature is being run on Radio Mansfield 103.2 throughout December so if you would like more information on the Toy Appeal then tune into the airwaves to find out more.

Christmas Business Hours…………

As always Christmas is always a very busy time of year for Care and Catering so if you can, please get your booking requirements in with us as early as possible. 

Our Office opening times over Christmas and New Year are as follows:

Monday 23rd December – 9am-5pm
Tuesday 24th December – 9am-12pm
Wednesday 25th December – Closed
Thursday 26th December – Closed
Friday 27th December – 9am-12pm
Saturday 28th December – Closed
Sunday 29th December – Closed
Monday 30th December – 9am-12pm
Tuesday 31st December – 9am-12pm
Wednesday 1st January – Closed
Thursday 2nd January – Back to normal hours

Don’t forget you can contact us for emergencies out of office hours if you need any help

Care: 077 54 093 058

Catering 077 345 33 803

Finally, we would like to wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your business and assure you that we will continue to provide you with a friendly, honest and professional service when you need us.  At Full Circle we are always busy trying to recruit more members to our Relief Team in order to service your requirements whilst ensuring the level of cover we provide is with professional, compliant and competent staff that have been fully vetted.

Wishing you all the best for 2020, with our sincerest thanks from the office team at Full Circle Care & Full Circle Catering

Nadja, Sue, Julie, Jane, Russ, Craig and Rachel


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