Christmas 2020

Nov 2, 2020

At the time of writing this I can’t believe it will be Christmas in 9 weeks’ time! It’s been such a strange and difficult year for everyone with the Covid virus.

Back in March I personally didn’t think it would be something that would still be affecting us all in October, how wrong I was to think that.

We have all had so many plans cancelled throughout the year or postponed until 2021 and beyond, but one thing is for sure, Covid can’t cancel Christmas! 

Don’t get me wrong it may impose certain restrictions on our festive celebrations and change what we would normally do but Christmas is still Christmas and we will all have to adapt.

None of us know now, if we will be able to mix households or if and who can meet up, that’s something where we all need to be patient and see what happens over the next few weeks.

One thing that will remain the same about Christmas is that it is a far more expensive time of year for all. 

It’s the presents, holidays, meals out and extra food we like to splurge on, even with the Covid virus in our life’s we will still be spending on all theses things and need extra cash in our pockets to do this.

If you feel you could do with earning some extra cash for Christmas then Full Circle may be your answer if you are a Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant. 

If you need something that will fit around your current job or maybe you have had your hours cut over the last few months or even been made redundant, then get in touch with us and we can look at offering you shifts working as part of our relief team.  Our clients contact us to help them cover their staff shortages, this can be whilst they recruit or to cover sickness or provide holiday cover; these are just some of the reasons they call upon us.

Our Nurses and Healthcare Assistants work in Nursing and Care Homes and our Chef and Kitchen Assistants work in all types of businesses with professional kitchens.

We only send you into places to work where you are comfortable working.  We cover shifts over 7 days per week, day and night.  You tell us when you are available and then we offer shifts around when you can work.  We keep in touch with you weekly as we appreciate your schedule can change.  You are paid an hourly rate plus holiday pay and pension contribution on PAYE or you can work via your own Limited Company. 

Payments are made into your bank account on a weekly basis. We liaise with our clients all the time for updates on Covid within their businesses and they all provide PPE for staff.  Many of our nursing homes are testing our staff along with their own on a weekly basis and we can book you in for tests at the local centre’s as required. 

If you’ve decided you want to earn some extra cash, then get in touch via our contact us page clicking on either Care or Catering. 


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