Are you looking to earn extra cash for Christmas?

Nov 14, 2019

If the answer is ‘Yes’ we can help you at Full Circle Employment Agency.

For Healthcare we supply to Nursing and Residential Care Homes, Rehabilitation and Autism Units.  For Catering we supply to all types of Catering establishments, these include hotels, golf clubs, schools, nurseries and contract catering units to name a few.

We have a multitude of contracts where we assist clients by supplying staff on a relief basis, this can be for one day, to cover some holidays, cover periods of sickness, maternity and paternity or during extra busy periods of the year like Christmas and holiday seasons.

It’s a really easy way to add to your income……………………………

You register with us, this is a simple quick process and then we assign you into different jobs depending on your availability.

You can be available 1 day per week, every now and again or free all week, whatever your circumstances are we will fit the work around you.

As our clients are varied, we have lots of different shift times which include work over Monday to Sunday early shifts, day shifts, night shifts, late shifts.  We communicate with you on a week to week basis, so don’t worry if you don’t know your availability far in advance.

The beauty about working for an agency is variety.

You get to meet lots of different people, and clients appreciate you are there to help them. 

Once you’ve worked for us for a while you will get to know the regular clients and keep returning to them when they need help so you will constantly see familiar faces.  Very often clients have more than one member of staff so you will also get to know lots of other members of the Full Circle team. 

Bookings often turn into longer assignments; the longest one we’ve had so far was a chef that worked 1 day per week for 4 years! Many of our team members that have done bookings which have lasted for a few months or longer have left with thank you cards, chocolates and flowers which shows how much they were appreciated.

We are an honest company that has been around for many years helping Catering and Healthcare Businesses in the local area so if you are looking for extra income or maybe even just fancy a change from what you do then do not be scared to get in touch with us.

We run our own in-house payroll which is paid weekly direct into your bank account, you accumulate holiday pay when you work and if you are eligible then you will also be put in our pension scheme.  If you have your own limited company, then you can also work for us and be paid through your company providing you give us your company bank account details and proof of registration and insurance cover.

Our office team are always here to support you, communicate with you and help you where possible, our way is to find a solution.

It’s mid-November there are several weeks left to earn cash over Christmas or throughout the Christmas and New Year period, so don’t hesitate any longer and get on board with Full Circle and of course you will be welcome to continue working with us in 2020.



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