Applying for Jobs

Aug 9, 2019

Applying for Jobs – a few simple hints and tips to help you, they may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t adhere to the following points below.

When applying for a job it’s all about creating a good first impression, it’s what will get you through to the next process in the application…

There is no right or wrong, each company you are applying to has their own personal preferences and company policies on what they accept however there are lots of little things that you can do to help yourself when a applying for a new job:

Firstly, on your application, write and fill out forms or send your CV in the correct use of language. More and more in society nowadays we use text speak and abbreviate words, this is not good when applying for a job it makes it look like you cannot write correct English. Check your spelling and grammar, every pc has the capability to spell check what you have typed and check your grammar. We generally apply for jobs by submitting a CV or filling out an application on line so don’t forget this is the first impression you are giving to a potential employer.

On your CV make sure you have a full and complete work history that is up to date. Include company names, the role you did, location of the business you worked at, the dates you worked there from and until. Make sure it flows and if there are any gaps in work history i.e. you went travelling or had time out to care for an elderly family member or have a baby then include this in your CV. Keep your CV to the point and don’t spend ages saying what you do in your spare time but giving no information about what you did in the job roles you have done previously.

Make sure contact information is up to date with the correct and full phone number on it, check you have 11 digits on your phone number before sending. If you give an email address, then make sure you check these emails regularly. A potential employer may try and contact you but not proceed to chase any further if they cannot get hold of you by phone.
When emailing your CV or application, write a little message to go with it and be polite when addressing someone, don’t be too casual for example use ‘Dear’ instead of ‘Hey’ these are all first impressions. Fully complete application forms and if you don’t make a note or add in the message why you haven’t filled it out. If you are asked to send other information with application forms or when applying for a job make sure you send these documents in as a potential employer might not chase you up, they could think you couldn’t be bothered when you didn’t fill in the form completely or not send the information they asked for…. They shouldn’t have to keep chasing you up.

If you are successful and a business contacts you to make an appointment or speak to you in more detail or invite you for an interview then follow this through and return the phone call, acknowledge the email and turn up for the interview. If you change your mind and decide it isn’t something you want to pursue any longer then let the potential employer know. Apart from being courteous and not wasting their time you never when situations change and in the future your paths may cross, you don’t want a bad mark against your name.

Finally, get someone else to have a look at your CV or application form before you submit it, they will be able to spot errors and give input and hopefully tell you if you have missed anything.

Rachel Wood


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